The Sabbath School Bible study guide for kids aged 10–14

Dear students, parents, teachers, and leaders,

One of our primary goals in the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department is to help our children embrace a relationship with Jesus as their Savior that will lead to eternal life.  In order to best fulfill that goal, we have given PowerPoints, the official Sabbath School Bible Study Guide for Juniors (ages 10-14), a makeover!

This improved version features:

  • A biblical time line, showing where each Bible story falls among the significant historical events of the Bible. This will help Juniors to make the connections between the individual Bible stories and the whole Bible story, thereby enhancing their understanding of God’s plan for their lives.

  • Retro-inspired, realistic artwork, depicting Bible times with illustrations in an inviting layout that promises to engage Junior learners with the Bible lessons in new and meaningful ways. (Juniors: Check out Lesson 7 in this first quarter for a really cool picture!)

  • Parents’ pages, which correspond to each lesson, include: core teachings, Ellen White references, family worship ideas, as well as activities and questions for discussion. An excellent tool to help parents and children worship together at home.

  • Added emphasis to key doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Both the student and leader/teacher guides include a complete listing of our beliefs, as well as references in each lesson to show what beliefs are being studied that week.

Bonita Joyner Shields, editor of the Junior PowerPoints Bible Study Guides

Students, parents, teachers, and leaders, we encourage you to click on the links above, check out the new features of PowerPoints, and begin using them to help yourself and others grow in relationship with Jesus.

After you’ve had a chance to use these resources, would you take a few minutes and let me know what you think?  I, along with our Sabbath School team, continually seek ways to improve our resources, and your feedback helps accomplish that goal.

God bless you in your journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Bonita Joyner Shields, Editor

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