The Sabbath School Bible study guide for kids aged 10–14




The first quarter lessons are here.

Memory Verse Activity

Here is this week's activity to help students remember the Power Text.

Mission Story

This week's story is "Putting Faith to Work," about Heitor in Brazil. You can find the mission story here. Incorporate the mission story into your Sabbath School program.

A Great Resource

If you have students with special learning needs, find out how to teach them most effectively with the REACH manual from NAD Office of Education.

Letter to Parents

Send a letter to all parents of Juniors each quarter. A customizable letter is available for download here. See the letter on a web page here if you prefer.

Help for Teaching

Are you new to teaching Juniors? Need a refresher on Sabbath School teaching? Go here to find instruction and guidelines provided by the General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department.


Find this quarter's weekly crossword puzzle here.


Dear students, parents, and teachers,

Welcome to the online site of the Sabbath School Bible Study Guides for Juniors and Earliteens! Here you can have access to additional resources that you may use to help in your Bible study and preparation for Sabbath School. Our goal is to help you grow in your relationship with God.
The student resources that you can find on this site include:

as well as a number of additional resources.
Teachers can now benefit from a new resource: slide show presentations corresponding to each Sabbath School lesson, starting in first quarter 2016. These, along with other resources, are available to teachers via the log-in. Use these to enhance the Sabbath School Bible Study experience for the students in your class.
May God bless you in your journey that you may grow closer in your friendship with Jesus Christ!